Best Places to Work in Marketing & Advertising

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AdAge Magazine recently debuted their inaugural list of “The Best Place to Work in Marketing & Advertising”. One Minneapolis-based company made the list, Carmichael Lynch. I did spend some time checking out the top lists and they all seem like GREAT places to work! A similar trend I noticed between the websites of the places were that they had some sort of inside look into their company; they had a blog and/or a social media concept (Twitter or Facebook page); a profile of their clients and the work they’ve done; an ‘about us’ section giving a history; awards they’ve won and finally, a very creative and interactive website. 

One of the more interesting ones I came across was appssavvy. Just the name invokes curiousity on my part. I head over to their website and see they’re a ‘social activity’ focused company. They’re based out of SoHo, NY (how glamourous, right?!) They relate social activity to a brand, and go from there. Their website is simple and features a bright green heading with their mission or tagline.

Check out the top places for yourself here. Check out their websites and if you’re curious, job openings. I also found similar requirements for job openings. Dream big, my friends!


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