Just Saying…

I love being able to do things online. Specifically, being able to use the internet and a company’s website to avoid calling there! One of my best friends wants to get her hair cut at Phresh. Their website is AWESOME. Not only can you find out information about the salon, but you can price out services, find out about products and get basic information on each stylist to see which stylist you may want! I knew who my friend was wanting to use for her stylist, so I was able to log into the online booking system to see if she had appointments available when Ella was available. I was able to email Ella with her available appointment times. Ella wanted to know if they accepted checks, and I was able to find that under the salon policies page!

Thanks to Phresh for being so innovative and having a great website, elimating me from having to call when I can just find the information online.


Another happy customer 🙂

PS: If you’re in the market for a new salon, Phresh is great. It’s located on Grand & Milton in St. Paul.  Every stylist does exactly what you want and they offer great suggestions if you’re unsure. The prices are reasonable for such a nice salon ($25 +) and the products they use are amazing. There is never a pressure to buy and the staff are very friendly.



3 thoughts on “Just Saying…

  1. This salon seems very interesting! You mentioned that they have an online booking system. I think that this is a great tool that salons should have but not many offer through an online database. It would be very convenient to be able to sit at your computer with your planner on hand and compare your availability with a staff member of your choice. I think this would eliminate cancellations because you are not forced into a time slot that you ‘think’ fits into your schedule. Having this handy database also has potential to gain more customers if they are satisfied with the overall turnout of the service. The price point seems very reasonable for a salon of this quality.

    • The price point is amazing. You can request a new artist if you want to try it out and then work your way up the talent levels. I love being able to go online because it is so handy. It’s one of my favorite things about Phresh!

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