Interactive Media

The internet seems like the most prevalent place for interactive media – such as “click on me” ads or being able to literally interact with the ad being presented to you. 

On a daily basis, I will be bombarded by many different ads, presented to me in many different ways. On YouTube, I have to exit out of an ad to continue to watch the video. When I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on-line, I have to watch 30 seconds of ads and these are quite interactive – the video I am watching becomes smaller and the ad takes over the screen. I can quite literally interact with the ad. I can select and click and before I know it, the 30 seconds is over and I’ve just spent two minutes doing exactly what “they” want me to do – which is spend time with their ad.

As far as what works me, if I am interested in something, then I am going to seek it out. If I am bombarded by an ad for shaving gel or men’s products (something I have no use for), then I am not going to go out of my way to spend time with their ad. I am persuaded by creativity – by something out of the box, something unique and different than what everyone else is offering.

Twitter Top Trends

In today’s new social media empowered world, Twitter is a marketing and advertising powerhouse. Marketers can use Twitter to get the word out about their blogs, new products, happenings in the company and many more things. One of my favorite advertising “tweeps” is @AdAge. Ad Age, obviously, is Advertising Age, which is a publication for marketing and advertising news. They have the online component as well as a print version.

Browing the internet today I found this:


I stumbled across TweetStats and was quite surprised to see Justin Bieber as a top trend. OK, I wasn’t surprised but really to me it goes to show that The Biebs and his tween-following trumps… well, everything. He’s right up there with iPhone, AT&T and Christmas.

A smart marketer could use Twitter and follow the trends to create different advertising campaigns depending on the market and goals of the campaign.

As a student and young professional, being well-versed in Twitter and it’s many components could be ideal for a future job. You never know if a job you’re applying for will want you to be familiar with social media. The way I see it, in the next 5 – 10 years it’ll be a great thing to have on your side.

By the way, in the time it’s taken me to write this post (about 15 minutes), the tweetstats have updated! How interesting!


The Role of Newspapers in Promotional Communications

The newspaper has historically been a way to get the daily news. With the invention of television and the internet, it’s obvious that the channels of communication, namely the newspaper, has declined.

Personally, I enjoy the newspaper. However, I have never once had a “subscription” to a local newspaper. I, along with most of my generation, get my news online. I log onto the Pioneer Press website daily to read the news. I get updates on Twitter from KSTP, WCCO, Kare11 and CNN. I do not have the need for print advertising such as the newspaper.

The New York Times is listed as the third largest newspaper in the United States, behind The Wall Street Journal and USA TodayThe New York Times circulates 951,063 copies daily.  Recently, an article on states that at a recent press conference, it was announces that the NYT will go out of “print” sometime soon.

“As newspaper circulation continues to fall, so do newspaper revenues. All told, losses amount to 27.2% or ad revenue lost year-over-year between 2008 and 2009. More and more consumers are using the web to stay updated about current events; in fact, in a poll earlier this year, only 21.7% of Mashable readers said they got their news from a newspaper.” (

With that being said, I believe in the next 10 years we will see the newspaper being phased out and magazines, interactive media, online media, blogs and social networks taking the place of the traditional newspaper.

What do you think? Do you read the phyiscal newspaper? Where do you get your news from? 



Happy days are here again on 'Glee' (via The Marquee Blog)

Shout hallelujah, come on and get happy, because “Glee” is back to awesome! I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wasn’t super thrilled by the last two “Glee” episodes, but on Tuesday night I was reminded why I love this show so much. “Duets” allowed the gang to team up in some memorable ways courtesy of a contest sponsored by Mr. Schuester. Let’s get the hot stuff out of the way first: Who knew that Brittany and Santana were so, um, “close”? I’ … Read More

via The Marquee Blog


Last night in class, we got on the topic of radio, internet radio and ads. I was listening to Pandora, as I do most days while working, and this came up. Thought I’d share with you.

And also note the side bar ad! Our favorite, Target!

Who Doesn’t Love A Little Friendly Competition…?

The Minnesota Twins clinched the AL Central Division on September 21st, 2010 and will take on the truly hated (& 2009 World Series champs) New York Yankees (I gag as I type) starting on Wednesday. I’m not all into baseball statistics but I am a Twins  fan. We’re the underdogs in this situation and having the media blast the Yankees ahead of the Twins gives us Twins fans a real ego-brusing.

Obviously their little image above is just to get us (Twins and fans) riled up. I went to their website to check it out and found a nice little poll asking the Yanks fans how they feel about taking on the sweet Twinkies.

To my surprise, it seems as though those Yanks are a little nervous!

So here’s to those Yanks, and hoping your little Monday news back-page (which is now plastered all over the Twins clubhouse) serves as enough ammunition for the Twins to kick your sorry rear ends back to New York City.

Nothing like a little friendly competition…. 😉


Bad advertising? Yes, please.

In our advertising classes we spend a good amount of time learning about what goes into marketing and advertising, and thus far we haven’t quite discussed BAD advertising.

Who wouldn’t love a daily inbox of bad advertising? I know I would!

Check it out, my friends.