End of Term Thoughts

As I close the semester and finish up my Promotional Communications class, I can reflect on what I’ve learned over the past term. I am no longer required to write a blog post about things going on anymore! I have Thursday nights back to myself and can now catch up on the whole season thus far of Grey’s Anatomy! Score one for Leah’s free time. But, I digress.

Anyway, one of the main take aways from the class is that if you can create a wave in the social media world, you can do anything. You can use social media for creating awareness for a cause, marketing your business and many other things. Online publications and media branding is a key essential to a successful business or brand.

Last night was the award ceremony for the Twin Cities Top Ten Titans In Social Media 2010. From this blog post, you can see why someone would be nominated.

“The people who make the list will have made an impact on society through using social media in the past year. People on the list may be independent, work for large companies, work in media, public relations, politics, the arts, or some other type of work. One thing that that will determine the winners is that they will be people who are finding new ways to use social media and pushing the limits of the platforms they are using.”

I am impressed by everyone that was nominated for creating a platform or just being themselves! I am a new fan of Amy Nelson from the Pioneer Press. From the live stream of last night’s event I was able to learn that Amy basically advised the Pioneer Press that they needed a social media component and created her own job! She now runs the social media for the Pioneer Press and TwinCities.com (my personal favorite news website).

Another one of my favorites from last night is Missy from The Marketing Mama. Missy’s blog is great and I can relate to her posts even though I am not even close to the stage of being a parent. I love what Missy has to say about social media in the Twin Cities. Also, she’s awesome because she co-founded the Minnesota Blogger Conference! Rock on!

As a marketing and management student I am glad that I’ve been able to learn about the top people in the Twin Cities that have made an impact using social media! In my classes going forward I will continue to blog about what I’m learning and how being a student in this time when things are changing is so beneficial. I have trust in the professors and the School of Business and Leadership at Saint Catherine University. I know that St. Kate’s will provide me with a progressive, hands-on education. With an expected graduation date of Spring 2012, having 5 years of corporate world experience by that time, and just being a rock star – I’ll be ready to rule to world, one tweet at a time.


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