Goodbye // Hello


I moved {twice}.

My 18-year-old brother lived with me.

I ran my first 5k.

I quit smoking.

I got all A’s in my classes (Intro to Marketing, Anatomy of Violence, Promotional Communications).

I became active on Twitter and met some great “tweeps”.

I stepped up and volunteered with Ad Fed MN.

I was a “foster mom” for a homeless cat.

My brother graduated from high school.

My other brother recovered from being hit by a truck.

I was a bridesmaid in one my good friend’s weddings.

I danced the night away with my friends on Grand Avenue.

I joined a gym {twice}.

My best friend ended a 3+ year relationship.

I was stressed out.

I laughed at my mistakes.

I turned 23.

I spent the entire year {except six weeks} as a single girl.

I ran my second 5k on Thanksgiving morning (the coldest Thanksgiving in many years).

I learned more about myself than I ever thought I would.

I was asked to be a personal attendant for two of my good friends’ weddings in 2011.

The bottom line?

2010 was a good year. I had (and still have) a great job, health insurance, family, friends, an education, a roof over my head and food on my table. I am grateful for all of these things and happy that I lived a healthy year.

Cheers to 2010; hello 2011. I am looking forward to you.




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