The BeanCast Marketing Podcast

Do you follow podcasts? I have a couple management podcasts on my iPod that I’ll listen to during a work out.  I have a new one that I am excited to add. I recently came across The BeanCast marketing podcast and listened to my first show tonight! I am very impressed. I also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bob Knorpp over the weekend and wish we would have had more time to talk marketing!




The BeanCast is a round table discussion between Bob Knorpp and various people that are in the marketing and advertising industry.

In the most recent podcast from 1/31/11, Bob talks to Scott Monty and I wanted to share this information because my professor from Promotional Communications last term talked a lot about Mr. Monty. I think anyone that is a marketing student or in the industry should add The BeanCast to their podcast subscriptions.

A great part of the podcast is towards the end, when Bob asks each guest what stories they’re watching in the industry. This is great, and a great way to find new things happening in the industry.

Bob, keep up the great work on The BeanCast!




3 thoughts on “The BeanCast Marketing Podcast

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  2. Thanks, Leah. I love that the show inspires enthusiasm and discussion. And as you’ll discover through listening, the show features a true cross section of the industry, tapping both established voices and young stars to offer a deeper perspective on the issues. I think my favorite part about the program is that no one gets an interview. Every panel is set on equal footing. It’s like my own little social network. 🙂

    Let me know if you have questions or want to talk.

    Bob Knorpp
    Host of The BeanCast @
    Host of Ad Age Outlook @

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