Leadership Series


What is leadership? How is a leader different from a manager? Is a leader born, or is this is an acquired skill?

These are questions that dance in my head when I think about leadership. I know that I want to be a leader. I believe that my boss is an amazing leader. I have also had managers, not leaders, in the past.

I’ve decided to do a blog series about this exact topic: leadership. I will explore what a leader is – what skills does a leader have? How does a leader enhance their skills? I will look at examples of good and bad leadership. I will compare and contrast the difference between leadership and management.

What has made me want to do this? A couple of things.

1. I want to eventually obtain my MA in Organizational Leadership. I feel as though these fundamentals should be well understood. For me, writing it and having other question me will allow my own leadership skills to grow. It will allow me to question my own thoughts about what exactly leadership is and how important it is.

2. I am not taking any business classes this term (literature and excercise science are the two on the docket). I enjoy studying business and I want to personally enhance my knowledge of the topic.

3. It will be a great way for me to look back down the road and see where I’ve started with the topic. I can also use this in a portfolio and as a writing sample.

I’m still working out the details but I hope to have one post per week regarding the topic. I hope you’ll enjoy reading along. Please post questions and comments in the comments section. I want to be able to obtain feedback, both positive and negative.


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