MN Blogger Conference

Tomorrow I am attending my first conference! It is the Minnesota Blogger Conference. I’m really looking forward to this event. Although I’m not an avid blogger, I think it will be nothing but beneficial for my professional career.

I will be attending the session by Paul DeBettignies on Power Networking. I’ve never officially learned how to network! I’ve attended many networking events and I think I do an adequate job of representing myself, but I’ll be curious to see what Paul has to say.

The other session I’m really looking forward to is called “Scene and Story: Make Your Writing Sing” and is hosted by Kate Hopper. I know how to write and I enjoy writing. Lately I’ve found that my writing is very business professional – and straight to the point. In my day job, I spend most of my time writing and it is very by-the-books and straightforward.

When I was approached to write a blog recap for Ad Fed’s Golferoo, I got nervous because most of my writing experience is so NOT creative. I was on the committee for the event and attending but I wasn’t sure how to add that extra “oomph”. I was able to collaborate with another committee member, Lacey Cobb, and together we wrote a great blog post. I focused on the backbone  and business of the blog and getting the images together while Lacey really added the extra personality that we needed. I hope that Kate’s session will teach me a little more about to really add some sparkle to my otherwise straightforward writing.

Finally, I’m excited to connect with a lot of people I’ve exchanged tweets with, people whose blogs I follow and others that will be attending! I will be armed with my networking cards, and smile and notebook to remember the most important information!

(And I can’t forget my appetite and breath mints as there is going to be a taco bar thanks to the wonderful sponsors of the conference!)

See you all tomorrow!


One thought on “MN Blogger Conference

  1. This will be my first time at this conference too. Always hard to pick which sessions to go to, and wouldn’t you know that a couple I’ve got my eye on are at the same time. 🙂

    Sounds like you’ve got your sessions all picked out – I’m a little jealous! Enjoy!

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