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After attending the Minnesota Blogger Conference, I am inspired to make a more legitimate attempt at maintaining this blog. I’ve decided to go through a branding of the blog. One of the biggest things I learned at the conference was that your blog needs to have a purpose.

On my old site I had a great photo of St. Paul in black & white and a plain light pink background.  I liked this. I like simple layouts with a little flair and color, but not cluttered. I want my readers to be able to find out exactly who I am and where I find my inspiration.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks brainstorming and hopefully coming up with something I really love! I want a mix of business and professional but I want to keep it authentic and real, coming from me. I think I have a lot of interesting experiences to share, from working full-time and being a student as well as involved in other things to living in a wonderful city – I want to share it all!

I look forward to regular posts and engagement!


2 thoughts on “Blog Business

  1. I can’t wait!

    An exercise you might consider is to ask an impartial friend or colleague to read your blog and describe to you what it says about. For example, when I’ve asked for this kind of feedback, I received the following comments: very analytical, passionate about St. Paul city living, champion of the underdog, critical AND kind, and mastery of the tool. As a blogger, teacher, and consultant — this is great to know!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, Sara! I chatted with Missy Berggren tonight and she basically told me to do the same thing. I’ve got a little word document going now with words that pop into my head, then I’ll send out some ideas to some close friends with good opinions!

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