Twitter Tip Tuesday!

I have decided to start a weekly feature titled, “Twitter Tip Tuesday!”. Just like the title, I’ll share a Twitter tip with you. It could be something simple, or something more complex. Have a suggestion? Leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.




Using Links In Tweets

To kick off the very first Twitter Tip Tuesday, I’m going to tell you about sharing links! 

When you’re reading something on the web you might find useful to others, more than likely there will be a “Tweet” button near the end of the article. Sharing what you’re reading is great! If you find something interesting, you should share it. You never know who will find it beneficial. 

Since the character count for Twitter is 140 characters or less, it makes the most sense to use a link shortener, such as, to share your link if it isn’t automatically shortened.

That said, if you just tweet a link, it will look like this: 


How is someone going to know what you’re sharing? In fact, this could very easily be confused for spam tweet. 

Add a simple tagline to let your reader know what you’re linking to. Image

And just like that, your followers know where they’re going when they click the link. 

Here are a couple of examples I captured of links being shared successfully: 



There you have it, our very first edition of Twitter Tip Tuesday! 




One thought on “Twitter Tip Tuesday!

  1. With twitter’s new link shortening service you don’t need to wrap every link with another shortening service unless you want to track the visits you get from clicks on that link. however, a cleverly done google analytics link will also get you the same result with link tracking. also, twitter has built an analytics service that will hopefully be opened to everyone soon for link tracking.

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