My 2012 Professional Goals

Any successful organization, team or person runs by setting goals. It feels so great to CHECK off those goals once completed! I’ve found myself becoming more accepting of writing down realistic goals, when I plan to reach them and how I plan to reach them. Also, it’s okay to modify the goals! I always know that it’s OK to adjust things if it just isn’t going to happen. Some of my goals are tangible, like DO this, and some will be more intertwined with bigger goals.

The latter half of 2011 was very good for me professionally and I’m looking forward to moving that energy in 2012. At this time I can only see through the first quarter. With this, I know I want to focus myself on informational interviews. I want to meet people that are in positions I may want to be in and find out how they got there and what they love about it.

Here is a list of my professional goals, I will add to it, too!

1st Quarter 2012

Informational Interviews:

  • Communications department at current employer
  • Target corporate communications
  • Best Buy corporate communications
  • Someone in a creative/leadership position at an agency


  • On track to complete Competent Communicator manual by June 2012.
  • Complete speeches 5 – 8 by end of March 2012.


  • Taking accounting – aim for a B!
  • Also taking business practicum (internship) and using Ad Fed leadership role for this.

Ad Fed:

  • Leadership role with new bowling event.
  • Be a quality leader for committee.
  • Gather assessments and feedback for leadership role with committee, use this as a learning and growth experience.


  • Get a real website, i.e. to hold portfolio, blog, etc.
  • Hire a designer to make a logo
  • Get new business/networking cards

 I’m excited to get started on these, and add to the goals as the years kicks off and gets moving.

Do you set professional goals? How about personal?