Where has the time gone?

I haven’t updated this blog in nearly three months. Yikes. I have a couple posts in progress and hope to get them out soon. Here’s a brief overview.

Planning is fully underway for two great Ad Fed events. Bowl-O-Rama is new this year, and is sure to be a hit. Shortly after that we have an industry favorite, Magazine Day.

Quite often I am asked “What is Magazine Day?”. I have a hard time describing it other than saying, it’s the best day, EVER. So I’ve got a post in the works about Magazine Day! Back to Bowl-O-Rama. Back in October I was asked to lead the committee for a brand new event. I immediately jumped at the chance, what a great opportunity! It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve enjoyed it. Being involved so closely with Ad Fed has not only  brought me closer to my friends and fellow committee members, but I feel as though I’ve grown professionally. More on that, later.

I took the winter term off from classes but will be right back in the swing of things come April. I’ll be taking two classes. After that I have eight or 10 left, and I’ll be done. I’m going for the world record of the longest time to complete a four-year degree. More to come on this.

Work in the corporate world has been wonderful. I’m so grateful to be employed with such a fabulous organization. I’m lucky that I can say, 95% of the time, I am excited to go work. I feel challenged, excited and trusted. The leadership I’m under is great. I love being able to directly collaborate with my boss, she’s such an amazing leader and great mentor. (as stated in my bio, these are my opinions)

I am LOVING Toastmasters! I can’t wait to write a post about Toastmasters and how much I’ve enjoyed it. I can tell, in so many instances, how far I’ve come from when I joined in July.

That summarizes some of the things keeping me busy lately. I look forward to sharing more!



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