Experience Ad Fed MN Magazine Day 2012

Picture, for a moment, a large room. In the room there are rows of tables. Neatly stacked upon these tables are magazines. Not just a few, thousands. Every title imaginable is free for the taking, from GQ to Wired, Glamour to Newsweek. The doors open for the attendees to freely grab as many titles as they can fit into their bags.  Welcome to Magazine Day.

When I joined Ad Fed in 2010, I decided to get involved and join a committee. I picked the special events committee and when I heard about this event, I had something exciting to look forward to. Magazine Day 2011 was to be held in May. Cutting through all the boring-for-you-but-exciting-for-me planning details, I’ll jump right into the day-of experience.

There were about 200 attendees of Magazine Day 2011, ranging from ad sales representatives to high-level publishers. The atmosphere was calm as attendees grabbed their magazines for the “magazine grab” portion of the day. Following the conversations by swooning young women over Andy Samberg on the cover of Wired magazine was a sit down lunch. Attendees enjoyed a delicious meal and listened to Kelly Leach share insights with the group about magazine publishing.

Now, that was a rather bland review of Magazine Day 2011. It’s been almost a year since the event so I’m not recollecting it as well as I’d like. However, Magazine Day 2012 is going to be great. The word great doesn’t even describe it.

This year, the event has been given a face-lift. We are incorporating some pretty sweet (for lack of a better term) things. This self-proclaimed internet/Twitter/social media addict has been appointed chair of all things social, you can bet your bottom dollar that the social media integration will be stellar.

We have a panel of speakers and a master of ceremonies. But it’s not just any panel. These people know what they are talking about. They’re leaders and experts in the publishing industry.  They’ll answer the audiences questions in addition to planned questions to keep the conversation going.

While this all going on, we’ll be able to enjoy some amazing food. Since the event is being held at the Graves | 601 Hotel, we can be rest assured that our palates will be pleasantly satisfied.

And then you’ll go home with more magazines than you’ll know what to do with. Maybe you’ll discover something wonderful in Wired magazine and you’ll decide to subscribe! Pretty sure that after last year’s event I subscribed to about six different titles. It’s the event that continues all year long.


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