Weekly Round-Up // April 5, 2013


It is hard to believe that March is done, and we are in April! I am so excited to announce that I have accepted a promotion at my current employer! My new job title will be Life Marketing Representative. Let me get back to you on what I actually do… but I am so excited! The past six years I have been working full-time and going to school part-time to earn my BS in Business Administration. I will be done with school in one year and my ultimate goal was to obtain a marketing position, so to have earned that while I still have a year left is just great. I will try to document my journey on this blog, too.

On with this week’s link round-up.

I bought this book by Sheryl Sandberg and I cannot wait to start reading it. Here is a clip of her talking with Jon Stewart about the book, Lean In.

Since I’m on the Sheryl Sandberg train, she gave a great TED Talk. She is just so inspiring. I love strong women leaders!

Not only are there hurdles for corporations when it comes to social media, those hurdles are intensified for many financial services and highly regulated industries. The S.E.C. has outlined a new disclosure that clarifies how companies can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to share public information. I imagine it is quite difficult to keep up with what is “hot” in the innovative field for these regulated companies!

I have talked about Gary Vaynerchuk before on this blog, but here he is again! Gary gives some candid advice on leadership in an off-the-cuff video he made (while on a plane!).

Alright, this is not marketing related but I simply cannot resist “Call Me Maybe” and I just can’t stop when great groups do a remake or parody. Here is an unnamed group of the military with their take on the catchy tune, and here is the Tampa, FL Police Department’s way of encouraging their citizens to call them. Genius, pure genius.

Leah’s Weekly Round-Up // January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Did you set any goals for 2013, personally or professionally? I’ll share a couple of my goals with you.

1. Attend at least one industry event each month.

2. Do one informational interview with someone each month.

3. Continue to use this blog as a place to share information and write about what I’m learning as I try to navigate life as a busy young professional.


Now, on to the weekly round-up! It seems like this week has presented a lot of “best of 2012” posts. I’ll share a couple of those, as well as some other things I’ve found. Enjoy!


Cool job alert! Eventbrite is hiring a city marketing manager. And it is in New York City. Awesome.

2012 Told Through Twitter. 

A Glassdoor.com survey indicates 33% of people are looking for new jobs in 2013 (over 2,000 surveyed). Minnesota Headhunter, Paul DeBettignes, talks about the job search on Kare11.

5 Social Media Business Strategies You’ll See This Year from Mashable.

The Top 24 Most Inspiring Photos of 2012.

What do you learn from your boss? Workbuzz by Career Builder shares lessons people learned from their favorite bosses. 

And finally, one of my favorite, favorite things. Gary Vaynerchuk’s TED talk about doing what you love. If you haven’t seen this, take 15 minutes and watch it.

Leah’s Weekly Round-Up // December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoyed a lovely time with family, friends and loved ones.

Get your bookmark tab ready for the following links, they’re good ones.


One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Von Bargen from yesandyes.org has a business blog, and her link round up is stellar. The next link comes from her most recent post.

Social media marketing explained in 61 words. David Meerman Scott is one of my favorite business people. His website is a gold mine of information for marketers.

Want to know what your first tweet was? Now you can download all of your tweets. If you’re one of the chosen few, you can get started. I will surely be downloading all of my (almost 50,000) tweets.

Ready to make the next big career move, but need to quit your current job? Here is a good guide on how to do that.

4 Steps to Effective Leadership – Would you believe that being a good delegator is on this list? It is, and rightfully so! Delegating tasks to is most definitely a sign of an effective leader.

Interesting opinions on Twitter works and how Amber Naslund is using it. I do believe in using lists on Twitter, but I don’t agree with her point about the only reason you should follow someone is to give them access to private message you. Thoughts?

Any professional should know these – 25 things young professionals must know before 25.

There you have it! Our second edition of the Weekly Round-Up! Anything I should be keeping my eyes open for to share? 

Introducing: Leah’s Weekly Round-Up

I read a lot of blogs and find a lot of interesting things on the internet. Starting today, I will dedicate a post each week to the interesting and helpful things I find.

The theme will be similar to that of my blog: marketing, communications, PR and social media. I’ll also include links to job boards, if you are on the hunt for your next great move.


Arik Hanson shares 13 REAL Chrome extensions community managers will find useful. I file this under “save for future reference”. Very interesting and great information, especially to those managing a brand’s social identities.

MIMA is hosting an event on January 16, 2013 called “Iteractive innovation in highly regulated industries”. I’ll be attending this, and it will definitely be an opportunity to network and learn.

Lisa Grimm‘s blog is one of the first I followed, and this post hit home. Last Friday, after the horrible scenes in Newtown, CT, the first thing I hated seeing was brands posting about their sales and products. Lisa says it perfectly in her post, How Brands Should Behave on Social Media During a Tragedy. 

From Yahoo! Finance – The 10 Skills That Will Get You Hired In 2013. With the importance of networking, I was surprised not to see that topic covered.

AdFed’s job board is always a great place to look for jobs and internships in the marketing/advertising/creative field.

There you have it! The first edition of Leah’s Weekly Round-Up. Are they any great marketing/PR/social media blogs you love and find useful that I should know about? Share in the comments!