Balancing Act

I’ve never been one to sit on the sidelines. In fact, I’m usually the first to volunteer for something. I love being involved with things because I get to meet new people and have great new experiences. But as I get involved in different things I’ve come to realize that a busy life is a careful balancing act. I definitely have a new respect for those people I know that have a career, a home, a family, are in school, are doing outside activities, maintaining themselves and have a social life, too!

My life is pretty simple. I have a great job, I have a little apartment and two cats. But then I add something fun and exciting things. I’m involved with Ad Fed, which I absolutely love. I am in the Toastmasters club. I’m in school! I try to attending different networking and social events. And then there are my friends and family! I love my friends. I especially love when my friends overlap with my outside things and my job! Add on to that the things I like to do in my free time, like spending time with my new addiction, Pinterest.

At the end of the day, I’m lucky to have such great opportunities and to meet such great people on a daily basis. I love everything I do, and I feel as though I do it passionately. Balancing many things in life is a very important skill to master. At this moment, my planner is my best friend and I’m making sure to spend plenty of time writing out to-do lists and setting reminders for myself. Being busy is definitely a way to keep things exciting in life, and allows you to cherish those quiet moments that much more.

Blog Business

After attending the Minnesota Blogger Conference, I am inspired to make a more legitimate attempt at maintaining this blog. I’ve decided to go through a branding of the blog. One of the biggest things I learned at the conference was that your blog needs to have a purpose.

On my old site I had a great photo of St. Paul in black & white and a plain light pink background.  I liked this. I like simple layouts with a little flair and color, but not cluttered. I want my readers to be able to find out exactly who I am and where I find my inspiration.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks brainstorming and hopefully coming up with something I really love! I want a mix of business and professional but I want to keep it authentic and real, coming from me. I think I have a lot of interesting experiences to share, from working full-time and being a student as well as involved in other things to living in a wonderful city – I want to share it all!

I look forward to regular posts and engagement!


My blog posts have been lacking, and I apologize! To be honest, I’ve been quite busy. I originally started this blog for my Promotional Communications class. Once that ended, I made a decision to keep the blog. But I haven’t been keeping up! There have been some exciting things happening but I haven’t felt compelled by anything professionally to post.

I did take a break this term from school. Last semester was rocky with work and some personal stuff so I decided I needed a break. 8am class every Saturday for 3 months just was not appealing. I’m starting up classes again in April, I’ll have class Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. I’m bummed that I’m not taking any business classes but rather some required electives. But, that’s part of a “well-rounded” education, I suppose.

I am currently working on a blog post about leadership. My division at work has recently had a re-structure and I have a new supervisor. I had mixed emotions as I’ve had the same supervisor for almost four years! It’s been a few weeks now and I am actually ecstatic about these changes. They were  thought out and handled very well. With that said, I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership. I am truly inspired my the leadership team at the company I work for. I am excited to learn and that has me thinking about leadership.

I have this weekend planned to relax and hopefully reflect on leadership and will share as soon as I’ve completed.

Happy Friday.


Hello world!


I am a part-time student at Saint Catherine University, studying Marketing and Management. I work full-time in the corporate world and I love using what I learn in class and bringing back to work. I am able to integrate new technologies and techniques into my daily work. I am excited to keep a blog about marketing and advertising as I do spend alot of time on my own reading about it.

To get things started, I’ll post a little about how I spent my summer vacation from school. In addition to working, I was able to do many things. Here are the highlights!

*Bridesmaid for Miss Alyssa!

May 22, 2010


& a party it was!

*Graduated from the Saint Paul Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy!

 *Road trip to Chicago to see John Mayer!

Laura & I before the concert!

The Avett Brothers opening for JM

He might be my future husband. Maybe.

All in all, I had a great summer! Looking forward to getting back into the routine of classes, though.