The Role of Newspapers in Promotional Communications

The newspaper has historically been a way to get the daily news. With the invention of television and the internet, it’s obvious that the channels of communication, namely the newspaper, has declined.

Personally, I enjoy the newspaper. However, I have never once had a “subscription” to a local newspaper. I, along with most of my generation, get my news online. I log onto the Pioneer Press website daily to read the news. I get updates on Twitter from KSTP, WCCO, Kare11 and CNN. I do not have the need for print advertising such as the newspaper.

The New York Times is listed as the third largest newspaper in the United States, behind The Wall Street Journal and USA TodayThe New York Times circulates 951,063 copies daily.  Recently, an article on states that at a recent press conference, it was announces that the NYT will go out of “print” sometime soon.

“As newspaper circulation continues to fall, so do newspaper revenues. All told, losses amount to 27.2% or ad revenue lost year-over-year between 2008 and 2009. More and more consumers are using the web to stay updated about current events; in fact, in a poll earlier this year, only 21.7% of Mashable readers said they got their news from a newspaper.” (

With that being said, I believe in the next 10 years we will see the newspaper being phased out and magazines, interactive media, online media, blogs and social networks taking the place of the traditional newspaper.

What do you think? Do you read the phyiscal newspaper? Where do you get your news from?