Who Doesn’t Love A Little Friendly Competition…?

The Minnesota Twins clinched the AL Central Division on September 21st, 2010 and will take on the truly hated (& 2009 World Series champs) New York Yankees (I gag as I type) starting on Wednesday. I’m not all into baseball statistics but I am a Twins  fan. We’re the underdogs in this situation and having the media blast the Yankees ahead of the Twins gives us Twins fans a real ego-brusing.

Obviously their little image above is just to get us (Twins and fans) riled up. I went to their website to check it out and found a nice little poll asking the Yanks fans how they feel about taking on the sweet Twinkies.

To my surprise, it seems as though those Yanks are a little nervous!

So here’s to those Yanks, and hoping your little Monday news back-page (which is now plastered all over the Twins clubhouse) serves as enough ammunition for the Twins to kick your sorry rear ends back to New York City.

Nothing like a little friendly competition…. 😉