Marketing Strategy of Saint Paul Home Realty




 I have a strong love for the City of Saint Paul, as evidenced by my general love of the city, desire to get involved with things and fear of the suburbs. I’m a die-hard city girl, but not just any city. Saint Paul! STP! The 651! It’s amazing, we have a nice downtown that is quiet after 5pm, the river, the beautiful Cathedral, Grand Avenue, Summit Avenue, many parks and wonderful neighborhoods! 

Saint Paul Home Realty is a full service realtor. Just from browsing the website, you can connect (@stphr on Twitter,  Saint Paul Home Realty on Facebook). In today’s world of constant connectivity and desire to get information online, the website seems to be the most effective tool of marketing under their belt. You can check out specific neighborhoods for listings and a description of each neighborhood along with it’s statistics (did you know the average home size in Como is 1435 square feet?). You can read their blog and find out some juicy neighborhood realty or new restaurant gossip before it hits the media. You can even win $1,000 just by entering the monthly sweepstakes! 

Based on my research, I found that Saint Paul Home Realty does the majority of their marketing online. I asked Bud Kleppe via Twitter, how do you market your company? He responded and said 90% online and 10% direct marketing to other realtors or prospective clients. He also indicated that he shys away from print advertising because he finds it expensive and ineffective.

Speaking on behalf of the majority of my generation and age group (20 – 25 years old), I do 85% of my research to purchase things online. When the time comes for me to buy my super cute house in Como or my awesome loft downtown (wowza, check that place out!), I know I’ll spend hours scouring the MLS looking for everything I want. The fact the Saint Paul Home Realty does the majority of their marketing online is a great and effective way to reach potentional buyers.