Interactive Media

The internet seems like the most prevalent place for interactive media – such as “click on me” ads or being able to literally interact with the ad being presented to you. 

On a daily basis, I will be bombarded by many different ads, presented to me in many different ways. On YouTube, I have to exit out of an ad to continue to watch the video. When I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy on-line, I have to watch 30 seconds of ads and these are quite interactive – the video I am watching becomes smaller and the ad takes over the screen. I can quite literally interact with the ad. I can select and click and before I know it, the 30 seconds is over and I’ve just spent two minutes doing exactly what “they” want me to do – which is spend time with their ad.

As far as what works me, if I am interested in something, then I am going to seek it out. If I am bombarded by an ad for shaving gel or men’s products (something I have no use for), then I am not going to go out of my way to spend time with their ad. I am persuaded by creativity – by something out of the box, something unique and different than what everyone else is offering.