Leah’s Weekly Round-Up // December 27, 2012

Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoyed a lovely time with family, friends and loved ones.

Get your bookmark tab ready for the following links, they’re good ones.


One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Von Bargen from yesandyes.org has a business blog, and her link round up is stellar. The next link comes from her most recent post.

Social media marketing explained in 61 words. David Meerman Scott is one of my favorite business people. His website is a gold mine of information for marketers.

Want to know what your first tweet was? Now you can download all of your tweets. If you’re one of the chosen few, you can get started. I will surely be downloading all of my (almost 50,000) tweets.

Ready to make the next big career move, but need to quit your current job? Here is a good guide on how to do that.

4 Steps to Effective Leadership – Would you believe that being a good delegator is on this list? It is, and rightfully so! Delegating tasks to is most definitely a sign of an effective leader.

Interesting opinions on Twitter works and how Amber Naslund is using it. I do believe in using lists on Twitter, but I don’t agree with her point about the only reason you should follow someone is to give them access to private message you. Thoughts?

Any professional should know these – 25 things young professionals must know before 25.

There you have it! Our second edition of the Weekly Round-Up! Anything I should be keeping my eyes open for to share? 

Twitter Tip Tuesday: Using Twitter for Events

Today’s Twitter Tip is about using Twitter for events.

Twitter can be a very useful social media tool when promoting and executing events. It is also beneficial post-event.

1.  Dedicate a blog post to the event:  Just do a short write up! Make sure your audience knows what to expect and look forward to at your event. This is also a place to link to the event listing with specific information such as date, time and directions to the venue.

Ad Fed does a great job of having a blog post to create some buzz about their events.

2. Use an event-specific hashtag: Example: #CheesecakeSampling is the official hashtag for the Muddy Paws Cheesecake Sampling Party! We’ll use this hashtag to have a live tweet wall showing what others are saying. People that aren’t attending can follow along. Post-event, you can put together a recap of all the hashtags in a document. You can make this available to your attendees and others that may be interested.

3. Engage and interact with your audience: Be available to answer questions. If you can’t do this, delegate to someone you trust with the image of your event to do this. Make sure this person knows what they’re doing.

These are simple steps that will lead to quality execution of your next event!

Do you have any tips or hints to add about using Twitter for events?

MN Blogger Conference

Tomorrow I am attending my first conference! It is the Minnesota Blogger Conference. I’m really looking forward to this event. Although I’m not an avid blogger, I think it will be nothing but beneficial for my professional career.

I will be attending the session by Paul DeBettignies on Power Networking. I’ve never officially learned how to network! I’ve attended many networking events and I think I do an adequate job of representing myself, but I’ll be curious to see what Paul has to say.

The other session I’m really looking forward to is called “Scene and Story: Make Your Writing Sing” and is hosted by Kate Hopper. I know how to write and I enjoy writing. Lately I’ve found that my writing is very business professional – and straight to the point. In my day job, I spend most of my time writing and it is very by-the-books and straightforward.

When I was approached to write a blog recap for Ad Fed’s Golferoo, I got nervous because most of my writing experience is so NOT creative. I was on the committee for the event and attending but I wasn’t sure how to add that extra “oomph”. I was able to collaborate with another committee member, Lacey Cobb, and together we wrote a great blog post. I focused on the backbone  and business of the blog and getting the images together while Lacey really added the extra personality that we needed. I hope that Kate’s session will teach me a little more about to really add some sparkle to my otherwise straightforward writing.

Finally, I’m excited to connect with a lot of people I’ve exchanged tweets with, people whose blogs I follow and others that will be attending! I will be armed with my networking cards, and smile and notebook to remember the most important information!

(And I can’t forget my appetite and breath mints as there is going to be a taco bar thanks to the wonderful sponsors of the conference!)

See you all tomorrow!

Social Science Night at the Science Museum of MN


Last night I attended the inaugural Social Science event at the Science Museum of Minnesota! I heard about the event via Twitter and went to the website to check it out. It seemed like a great event and I knew I wanted to attend!

The purpose of the evening, in my opinion, was to engage and entertain adults (21+) at the science museum. The museum was closed off to anyone under 21. We were able to explore the exhibits and different things the museum has to offer without children running around. They had drinks available at cash bars throughout as well as a couple of appetizers. The cafe was also open to purchase food.

I had a blast at the event. They had the option to see the King Tut exhibit, check out the omnitheater (both at additional cost), a photobooth, a DJ and dance floor and a “shadow pong” station!

For the first time of the event, I think it was a success! Everyone appeared to be having a great time. Occasional searches of #socialscience on Twitter showed what everyone was up to & tweeting about.

I think there are definite areas for improvement. The lines for everything were really long. I found that most of my evening was spent waiting in line. I didn’t MIND as I was socializing. I think next time they should have more stations. Since it was the first event, they may not have been able to rope in local food venues to cater and offer free samples. Now that the first event ended and went well, I think they could reach out to restaurants and show them how successful it was and any good restaurant would probably want to join!

It seems it will be a quarterly event, with each one themed after the current exhibit. Last night’s theme was “Party with the Pharohs”. The next one should be in late June and the outdoor patio will be open. I can’t wait to spend a summer night drinking some wine on the patio, overlooking the Mississippi River and downtown Saint Paul.

Social Media at the Science Museum of MN

The Science Museum of MN also does a great job with social media! They were interacting with those tweeting about the event and responding when people were asking when the next event was. On their website, they have the links to all of their different social media sites.

*note, I did not receive compensation for my personal review of the social science event. just wanted to share my experiences and spread the word!

Social Media: How Do You Use It?

I am a big fan of social media. I get my news from a post that is under 140 characters. Obviously, I see a story I’m interested in, click the link and am brought to the news website.

I use Twitter, in fact I have two Twitter accounts – one for my personal life and one for my professional life. I don’t want the two to be connected because what I tweet about in my personal life (cute guys on the bus, bad dates, plans with friends) and my professional life (new ideas for marketing, new ad campaigns) are two separate things.

I find out about many things via social media, not only the news. I keep up to date with what my friends and colleagues think is beneficial for me to know.

One of my favorite Twitter components is HootSuite. HootSuite is a social media dashboard and you can add many different social networks, keep track of them, schedule tweets and blog posts, among many other things.

I have LinkedIn for my professional networking efforts.

I also use Facebook and Foursquare for my personal life.

I think social media is great and will only continue to become more prevalent in our lives.

Twitter Top Trends

In today’s new social media empowered world, Twitter is a marketing and advertising powerhouse. Marketers can use Twitter to get the word out about their blogs, new products, happenings in the company and many more things. One of my favorite advertising “tweeps” is @AdAge. Ad Age, obviously, is Advertising Age, which is a publication for marketing and advertising news. They have the online component as well as a print version.

Browing the internet today I found this:


I stumbled across TweetStats and was quite surprised to see Justin Bieber as a top trend. OK, I wasn’t surprised but really to me it goes to show that The Biebs and his tween-following trumps… well, everything. He’s right up there with iPhone, AT&T and Christmas.

A smart marketer could use Twitter and follow the trends to create different advertising campaigns depending on the market and goals of the campaign.

As a student and young professional, being well-versed in Twitter and it’s many components could be ideal for a future job. You never know if a job you’re applying for will want you to be familiar with social media. The way I see it, in the next 5 – 10 years it’ll be a great thing to have on your side.

By the way, in the time it’s taken me to write this post (about 15 minutes), the tweetstats have updated! How interesting!