Taking a break from the normal flow here….

I keep saying, oh my, I WANT THAT. So I decided to compile a list. Let’s see if I *ever* obtain anything on the list…

MacBook Pro This is attainable. I want a MacBook Pro! So bad! I would get so much homework done a MacBook Pro! And look like a cool cat, too.

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A really nice flat iron – My hair looks so good when it’s straight and as of late the Chi hasn’t been cutting it. My stylist uses a GHD and I do like it.

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Every. Color. Of. Essie. Nail Polish. – I love nail polish and am way into Essie and Spa Ritual. Would love to have a salon-style collection. And having a collection of Chanel polish would be more than amazing.

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An iPhone – I have T-Mobile so this isn’t an option… but an iPhone would be so fun to have. With so many great apps, it’d go great with my MacBook Pro.

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A closet full of Ann Taylor clothes – dresses. sweaters. pants. tights. necklaces. I’d like it all, thanks.

And some great bags and shoes for the great outfits… {no words needed}

A sweet loft in downtown Saint Paul.